A Second Thought Resale Shop

What We Support

Heritage Christian Services has partnered with Hope Haven International and Bethel Ministries International to provide a camp retreat experience in Guatemala.

All sale proceeds benefit International Ministries of Heritage Christian Services (HCS), a not-for-profit organization that is known for the top-notch services it offers to children, people with disabilities and older adults. Each year teams from the HCS community and beyond travel to Guatemala to help support people with disabilities. They also collect and ship wheelchairs to people in need. In addition to International Ministries, store operations and sale proceeds also benefit people right here in our community, thanks to local donors, patrons and volunteers.

International Ministries

In 2001, Heritage Christian Services, Hope Haven International and Bethel Ministries International partnered to provide a camp retreat experience for people with disabilities in Guatemala. This camp supports people who tend to live in isolation and may struggle with poverty. They also experience the challenges of living with a disability in an emerging country. The retreat offers opportunities for families to make friends, see healthcare professionals, receive a new or repaired wheelchair and experience God’s love.

This ministry of service has flourished over the years and includes a second opportunity to serve in Guatemala. It involves outreach trips that include building homes. By partnering with Bethel Ministries International, in one week volunteers build two simple homes, fit more than 50 people to wheelchairs, and make home visits that bring friendship, food, medicine and school supplies to those in need.

Our international work includes an ongoing collection of wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The wheelchairs are refurbished and given to people all over Central America who otherwise would not have the gift of mobility, a process that can lead to community inclusion, education, employment and better heath. It costs $150 from the time we receive a wheelchair until it reaches its new home. Wheelchair sponsors are needed! To learn more about sponsoring a wheelchair, email us.

If you would like to donate a wheelchair or other mobility device please  email info@asecondthought.org to make arrangements to drop your donation off at our storage facility.

Supporting Our Local Community

Thanks to the generosity of this community, we also reach people through our partnerships with local organizations, including:

  • Bits & Pieces Thrift Store
  • BOCES 1 Transition Work Team
  • East Rochester High School Resource Room
  • East Rochester Resource Center Food Pantry
  • East Rochester Youth Empowerment Program
  • Fairport Village Tool Thrift Shop
  • Focus Pregnancy Center
  • Heritage Christian Services
  • Lollypop Farm
  • Monroe County WEP Program
  • New Covenant Fellowship Homeless Outreach
  • Open Door Mission
  • St. John’s Nursing Home
  • St. Joseph’s Resettlement House
  • Salvation Army
  • Seneca Park Zoo
  • Sisters of Mercy Candle Shop
  • St. Pauly Textile